One of the most common signs that we need help are that we find ourselves repeating patterns of destructive behavior, things which we know are not helpful to us but we do them anyway.  You may find yourself experiencing difficulties in your relationships, your career or perhaps feeling overwhelmed by feelings of distress or anxiety.   Here are just a few of the many reasons people have for seeking help:

•  Recurring distressing feelings such as anger, anxiety, depression, helplessness or low self-esteem

•  Bereavement or loss

•  Wanting to change unhelpful and destructive behaviours such as addiction or excessive drinking

•  Having experienced some form of abuse, whether emotional, physical or sexual

•  Being able to talk through problems with someone impartial

Counselling and psychotherapy are terms that are often used to mean the same thing as both are modes of enquiry and understanding facilitated by therapists.  There is some debate about this amongst professionals, but ultimately it seems to be more about the length and depth of the work done.   Simply put, Counselling  provides psychological help and support to clients in making effective changes at times of difficulty or crisis. Psychotherapy provides psychological help and support for problems that are more intractable and long standing, requiring a deeper understanding and a longer process of change.

Ultimately this is unique to each individual.  I am able to accomodate both long and short term work.  Most clients have weekly appointments, depending on the issues they wish to address.  Often as therapy nears an end appointments may be less frequent.  The number of sessions will vary too, depending on your needs.  Some people require only one or two sessions whilst others require longer term work.  This may be agreed on at the start of therapy or you may wish to leave the sessions open-ended.

I am happy to work with clients by phone or Skype.  Please contact me to discuss the details.

If you need to cancel, please contact me as soon as possible. If you give me 48 hours notice or more I can reschedule free of charge. Cancellations with less than 48 hours notice will incur a £25 charge.   Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice or missed appointments will incur a full charge.

The contents of our sessions are confidential. I keep minimal data on clients, which includes name, contact details, G.P name and address and any medication you may be taking at the time.  I will also keep brief notes on what we discuss.  All information is securely stored.   For professional standards I attend supervision, however this does not require me to identify you.  On very rare occasions if we discover there is a need to communicate with other professionals, I will only do so after first seeking your permission. There may be exceptional circumstances in which confidentiality may not apply, for example if you were in danger of harming yourself or someone else.  I would endeavour to discuss this with you prior to taking any action.

Counsellors have to be registered with a professional body and this is now compulsory.  So, if your counsellor is a member of a regulated body such as the BACP or COSCA, they will be required to comply with it’s ethical framework and code of conduct.  You can check at the following websites:

The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

BACP Register of Counsellors and Psychotherapists